H. O.G. Guangzhou Chapter first ride in spring and Shanwei charity trip in 2021

At 9 a.m. on March 19, 2021, H.O.G. Guangzhou Chapter's first spring ride and Shanwei charity trip gathered at the Harley-Davidson Guangzhou store.

The event is themed on charity, gathering dozens of members of the H.O.G. Guangzhou Chapter. The members who failed to attend also actively responded to the event in the form of donations.

The total itinerary of this activity is over 1000 kilometers, passing through Huidong, Haifeng, Luhe, and Shanwei.
Nanwan middle school is the only middle school in Nanwan town.
There are 12 students in this program,
The total value of donated materials and grants is 30000 yuan

The overall road condition is composed of 80% paved road and 20% mixed road, which not only gives consideration to the pleasure of driving but also brings a good comfortable riding experience.

I am also very lucky to participate in this cycling activity.

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